crouching tiger, kicking baby

this past weekend my husband & i found ourselves on the same page when we learned we each had made brain plans to take a trip to ikea! 24 hours later i was squatting in “child’s pose” staring at my iPad while he continued to hammer away on the items we chose for our bbr (big boy room) in-the-making.  he looked up from his construction & said,

“crouching tiger, kicking baby” !!!

this phrase has made me laugh out loud & smile ever since! it echoes in my head because of how random it sounds but how appropriate as well!  it’s true, this tiger is crouching, this baby is kicking !

i know that just one week ago i claimed  my running hadn’t been too affected from pregnancy ,,, but overnight i went from ‘a lil thicker’ to, ‘when are you due?’ !  truthfully i expected to be much bigger than this by now (being my 2nd) so i’m thrilled that the cute belly is surfacing & overall i’m just happy … but! my running is suddenly feeling the effects of the crouching baby!  not only have i strapped on my heart rate monitor to double-check that i’ve been around the 140bpm range but my protruding stomach feels as if it’s  literally  s t r e t c h i  n g  through my lower abdominal muscles, otherwise known as the bottom half of my 6 pack ripped abs,,, haaaaa!

apparently 10:55 is the new 7-8 min/mile range,,,  :

hope my running hotties don’t mind too much!

the abdominal stretching is not something i recall from my last experience when getting physical with a bun in the ov’ but i still feel this newbie moving around so that’s pretty reassuring as one might imagine! below is an example of my lazy indoor wear for treadmill running.

note: i am so cold/ lazy that i occasionally wear a  bra outside of my shirt. ha!

sweatshirt, boy short, men’s hanes t!   &  ***insert laugh here 🙂

after 4 miles i took a rinser, snagged my woken french fry & hopped in the car to grab some tahini so i could recharge myself &&& my family with this recipe !!!  it was a m a z e !

started with help from my little friend :

mortar some rolled oats & almonds, side of yogurt blobs, ew!

then add mashed chic peas, lemon juice, garlic, tahini, oil, & salt :

spatula mix & pan fry …  then, add what yous likes :

toms,,,chee,,,avo… vwallah!

with the right sides, such as kaled quinoa & mercedes cucumbers, you’ll feel like a real baller.

that’s how we DO!

being fat tuesday (i’m extending my lent & continuing my giving up alcohol til late july;), we fat out superman styles:

good time.

so,,,while running pregnant seemed to leave me feeling pretty close to what i normally felt like physically, i am now looking forward to awkward looks & outside concerns but i believe we are all doing juuuust fine.  this pregnancy originally took away ALL my motivation & in fact, i didn’t run the first tri-mester at all. and even with my uterus ripping through my lower abdominal wall, & my heart  pumping for two, i plan to MAINTAIN as healthily as possible.  i’m not going to lie, the idea of becoming a giant flabby whale has scared me,  but running (with variables to keep us safe) helps me feel like i’m doing everything right!  not only do i have the freedom to slow it down, but i can eat whatever i feel like. & BECAUSE i am knocked & still running, i pretend i am super human & i’m straight up PROUD. running sets me up for an even better experience once baby is not on-board, & in the meantime, i can actually talk (my brains out!) through an entire run,,, best thing ever !!!

it’s  getting  warmer !!! you too, can join us & “get hot running” so please don’t hesitate! we run as a duo (baby-safe paced, talking) group on saturdays or sundays & all distances are welcome… you’ll find, that if you have plans to meet up with some friends to casually jog a trail or local race, you’ll soon be motivated to take on your own weekly workouts & BOOM! there you’ll be, rocking a bikini with a tan & a coconut drink at a pool party mid-summer, SMILING. because no matter HOW you look, how you feel really shows WHO you ARE! and feeling good, is apparent no matter where you are, or what youre wearing ,,,, or drinking!

crouch that tiger, kick that baby(!?), & run!!

to run!!, e mail me at: !


6 thoughts on “crouching tiger, kicking baby

  1. Hey cute girl – I am happy for you, and so glad you are blogging, Lord knows my blog is my happy place, I hope it’s the same for you. If I can’t get my dose of Jaime hugs in person I will get them here. Miss you – and you should be ready for the Fall Beer Festival, right?

  2. Qinoa and kale! Meatless chick pea/tahini patties! At first, last night’s bill of fare sounded somewhat unusual, at least to my historically meat ‘n’ potatoes palate….

    But– It was DELICIOUS!

    I would be the last person to be considered a (semi) vegetarian…. But I am converting!
    (thanks to my lovely chopped-queen beautiful wife….)

  3. Also….superman must be a michigan thing because I can’t find it here AND when I ask for it, they look at me like I have a horn growing out the side of my head!!!

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